19 CC Collection

the 19 CÔTÉ COUR collection

This collection has been designed and built for the event space «19 Côté Cour» in Paris.

In keeping with its architecture and its spirit, our proposal was the mixing of materials.

Personify this space working steel and wood while agreeing to the initial tones.


Chair structure of polished steel protected by an epoxy varnish.

Seat and backseat of natural hemp rope with hemp core.

Seat Height: 43cm

Depth: 53cm

Width: 55cm

Overall Height: 77cm

 MINI CORD armchair

Table top, chamfered like «airplane wing» made of laminated blade with laminated Birch (Mahogany tinted ), polyurethane varnish.

Base polished steel protected by a varnished


Height: 50cm

Plate thickness: 3cm

Oval tray: 110x70cm

 19 CC table